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How to add a new set in the Carrara browser?
Here, we are working under OS X on a MacIntosh. This tutorial also works the same way under MS Windows (XP and Vista) on our PC. Screen capture is easier under Mac, that's just why...

Now, we want to add a new shader directory (exemple : adding the Holyforest "ShaderPack3" set).

1) Let's have a look the Browser window

2) Choose the shaders tab

3) Select the directory where you want to upload the new shaders

4) and the top right of the browser window you may find 4 icons. Click on the "file" icon and select "Add Folder"

5) Choose the appropriate folder from your Hard Drive (in this case : Shaders/Holyforest/ShaderPack3)

6) The shader set is now in your browser directory (Alphabetical)

7) That's done.
Carrara is really very easy to use, isn't it?

Now, enjoy with your new shader set!